UZWIFI - Dedicated Wireless Service Provider For Visitors to Uzbekistan!

  • It is not easy to find Free Wi-Fi Hot Spot in Uzbekistan.
  • Hotels and cafes have very limited or slow public wifi connection.
  • Most touristic spots do not have public wifi.

With our pocket wifi rental service you can stay connected while exploring the ancient cities of Uzbekistan !

How it works?

Pocket WiFi is similar to your home wifi router but a smaller version which you can put it in your pocket. With our mobile routers you can enjoy private, safe and unlimited Internet access in Uzbekistan. We provide best network and devices, which will guarantee fast and reliable 3G/4G Internet connection. You can use router up to 5 devices (smartphones, notebooks, tablets etc. ) at the same time! You do not need any contract to use UZWIFI. You only have to fill our rental form and use WiFi routers during your trip and return it to us at the finish.


We strive for customer satisfaction with high quality service.

Fast & Reliable

We offer fast and unlimited internet with a high-quality connection. Our mobile wifi routers work in both urban and rural areas of the country.

Affordable prices

Our priority is customer satisfaction thus our prices are set to provide the best value. We offer different plans to meet your budget and expectations.

Convenient pick-up and delivery

We can deliver the Mobile WiFi Routers to any regions of Uzbekistan. You can use the devices as soon as you check in your hotel. You can also pick up WiFi routers at Tashkent and Samarkand Airports.

Secure Payment

We use Stripe secure payment gateway, and accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). Contact us for other payment options.

24/7 Customer Support

We provide online multilingual support 24/7 on technical and delivery issues, in English, Russian, Japanese, and Uzbek languages.

Easy Application

You can rent a mobile Wi-Fi router with a simple online application which takes around 2 minutes.



  • Lower Prices
  • Recommended for Solo Travellers
  • High Speed Internet

Rental Fee

6 USD/Day


  • Unlimited Internet Data
  • Recommended for Group/Business travellers
  • High Speed Internet

Rental Fee

7 USD/Day


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You can rent a mobile Wi-Fi router with a simple online application which takes around 2 minutes.

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You can pick up the devices at Airports or receive it at your hotel. Check Delivery & Pick Up page for delivery information (fee, schedule, etc.).

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We ship our devices as ready to use. Just turn it on and start using your WiFi.

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You can return the devices via post office or at airports or simply leave it at your Hotel Reception. Our agent collects it at your hotel.


Internet Connection in Samarkand is quite stable in populated areas, while it gets slower in rural places. 4G/LTE network is available in most touristic spots including The Registan Square, Shahi Zinda and etc. Our network and devices guarantee high speed internet when you visit historical mosques and madrases of Samarkand.