How to use Yandex Go taxi in Tashkent (with pictures) – Uzbekistan Travel Tips (2021)

Published: 27 August 2019
Last Update: 27 September 2021

Update: Yandex Taxi is renamed its application to Yandex Go - taxi and delivery, but the way the app works are still similar to the description on this post.

Yandex Taxi is an Uber-like on-demand car service that allows you to get a taxi through your mobile app. The software finds the nearest drivers to you and it shows you available options to choose from. Each option shows the price and available cars for that price. Currently, you can pay with cash only in its Tashkent service. Also, unlike most taxi services in Uzbekistan Yandex taxi is booked only for you, so the driver does not pick other passengers on his way. On this page, we will explain to you how to use the Yandex Taxi application in Tashkent (with pictures). In this example, our staff uses Yandex Taxi from Tashkent City to Tashkent International Airport in August 2019. 

Note: You need to register your phone number to use the mobile app, so we recommend you register your phone number when you are in your country before arriving in Uzbekistan. After the registration is complete you can order a taxi without needing your phone number when you arrive at Tashkent.

1. Download Yandex Taxi from Google Store or App Store. Search for “Yandex Taxi” and it shows up on the top of your search result.

2. When you open the app for the first time it asks for the location permission, so enable it to access your device location.

3. After you give permission to access your location it shows your current location on the map. On top of the screen, there is a search area for your input. In this example we search for “Tashkent International Airport” and it shows suggestions on the select list.

4. After you select the destination location a new page displays further details such as your current location, your destination address, the distance till the destination and available car options. We use the “Start” option which is the cheapest one.

5. After you select your option it shows what kind of cars you can expect for your pick-up. In our case, Daewoo Matiz, Daewoo Nexia, and Chevrolet Spark are available for the “Starter” choice. In Tashkent, most Taxis offer almost the same quality of service so we would suggest you go with the cheapest one. But if you want some luxurious car for your taxi you can order more expensive options too.

6. After placing the order wait for someone to pick-up your order. It usually does not take much time since many drivers use this application because it is convenient for the drives too. In a few minutes, someone picks your order and they drive to your current location, so you just need to wait in your place. It also shows the estimated arrival time of the driver and the car details and its number. Gray Daewoo Matiz is on its way to pick up us and it is estimated to arrive in 4 minutes.

7. In 4 minutes the driver has arrived.

8. You get on the taxi and the driver starts driving to your destination. If you are local or know the local language, they may try to talk to you but if you don’t know the language you just sit since, they know your destination already. On your way it shows how many minutes left till your destination so you can be safe they are on the right track.

9. In 20 minutes we arrived at Tashkent International Airport and we paid 19,500 Uzbek Sum as it is shown on the application.

10. You can review the driver and your ride.