Transportation in Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Travel Tips (2019)

Last Update: 7 September 2022

If you are planning a trip to Uzbekistan, we highly recommend you have a basic insight on how to get around there. We dedicate this record to means of transportation which can ease your movement inside and between the regions of Uzbekistan.


Taxi is what you first notice at almost every Airport exit and Tashkent Airport is not an exception. You will find a number of taxi drivers willing to take you wherever you wish. There is no metro station at an Airport, so we recommend you take a taxi or book it in advance to get to the city. If you want to cut your expenses on a taxi (it’s not as cheap as you might expect) you should either bargain with the drivers or use online taxi app (highly recommended) Check our guide for how to use Yandex Taxi in Tashkent for a comfortable ride during your travel to Uzbekistan.

Tashkent Metro

The capital city of Uzbekistan is famous for its architecturally unique underground. There are three lines with 29 stations linking the main districts of the downtown area. It is the most convenient and cheap way of public transport for the daily commute. However, foreigners might find it complicated because of the absence of instructions in English. You can travel to the city by metro if you definitely know the name of your station. Although metro staff (probably) does not speak English they will help you anyway to get along. You can visit Tashkent metro at least for a cultural interest as you will immerse into a special atmosphere of the national spirit as each station is designed fascinatingly reflecting the nation’s cultural values.


If you are traveling from Tashkent to other regions, trains are an easy and convenient way of getting to your destination. There is a high-speed train network (Afrasiyab) connecting four cities Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, and Karshi. Note that you should book your ticket for Afrasiyab well in advance. Other trains such as Registan and Sharq are available at a more higher frequency with cheaper prices.


Another convenient way of traveling outside Tashkent is taking a plane. It is the best option when you want to travel to a historical museum city of Khiva. You can save a lot of time by flying to your destination at an affordable price.

Minibus and intercity taxi

These two types of transportation are the most popular among locals when traveling outside the city because of their flexible schedule. If you miss a train/air ticket for a particular date you can always rely on an intercity taxi (shared or individual) or minibus. They are available at any time. ***With our Wi-fi routers you can get easy access to the internet and book the most convenient transport individually.